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I've loved every minute of our journey …...

A Dining Experience

I've decided to produce a hospitality page for my regular and new over 40's clientele this means that you can be treated to a wonderful gents massage, with time to have Brunch time, Lunch time or afternoon time experience with yours truly to have a giggle away from the crazy world we live in.  This will happen day times during the week or weekends.

Examples of daily bookings

  • 1 or 2 dining packages
  • Afternoon teas package

0900 - 1230 Brunch time

1330 - 1730 Lunch time

1730 - 2030 Afternoon time (Summertime)

* * * * * 

A Private Quirky Leisure Package

You'll be very excited to hear that im offering a hospitality & private leisure package for my clientele.   

This will include:


Not necessarily in this order but this is a good idea. :) 

Package Cost Examples £150/£180/£220 up to a 3 hour period depending on time, treatments, food.

Why Soulcontact?

Having worked within my niche healthcare massage area for over 10 years you know I am interested in food and culture.  I have travelled worldwide & eaten many cuisine styles, I also have an interest and degree in Food, Drink & Hospitality Service.

Because of the experiences in travel & cultures I have cooked some very nice dishes including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Seafood, Meats & other styles of cuisine which I think will be nice for you to enjoy, so I thought it a great idea to develop a package for my clientele.